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* There are multiple ways in which I could explain what prevented me from claiming the mantel of “content” that day: job insecurity (#adjunctlife), poetry rejections, relationship struggles (love is hard! And perhaps some combination of those was really what drove my response.

But maybe, too, it had to do with that idea of grasping: with the (relatively new) understanding of how half-conscious I am and always will be, with the awareness that I am trying to learn and internalize whole new understandings of what “success” and “work” and “content” really mean.

After finishing her residency training at the Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Boston Children’s Hospital program, she completed the Primary Care Research Fellowship at UCSF.

Her interests include socioeconomic and ethnicity-based disparities and chronic disease risk, supporting patients in prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, health coaching and peer education, implementation science, and community-engaged research.

We gather there to discuss texts, watch videos, share personal stories: to work toward a deepened knowledge of this country’s racist history, and toward unlearning the racist conditioning we’ve all––received. Emailing my parents movie reviews that critique Hollywood’s romance with colonialism, then drinking bloody marys instead of attending an organizing meeting?

I shared that I wasn’t sure it was okay (read: socially acceptable) to use the term as a white person, but struggled to put words around why.

Rob came to my aid: saying, in effect, that, as white folks, we’ll never really, fully, be “woke”; most of us have spent the bulk of our lives oblivious to the mere truth of our whiteness–the journey, as anti-racist folks often say, is lifelong, there will always be more learning, more unlearning to do.

Rogers is an Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics with an appointment in the Applied Clinical Research Program.

She is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics and is a graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Medicine.

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