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By the way, I will visit your Gorilla in the Café this spring in Hawaii. I have times Winter Sonata.beautiful.drama...hopefully there will be another drama as the main actor Chokauee congratulation on your wedding w/ Ms Park..i've seen her in bof nice too... @snow_flower: Yes he does, well more specifically, he's one of the larger shareholders of the company :) It's glad to suddenly run into him on Dream High- the one time i saw him in a kdrama was for Winter Sonata, which i saw in '03, and by far was my first, and one of the best dramas that i've watched.

29-43 "Its true age don't matter" But look at it, think critically people...

I am currently watching Untold Scandal and like the movie better because the actors have more freedom from the censors. I fell in love with him when I saw his smile in Winter Sonata, oh boy, he has a perfect smile, his dentist really did a great job. If you want to marry,you will be announce to public.... Just waiting to see him in a "trash the pretty boy image" movie or series.

* TV dramas - Taewangsasingi 태왕사신기 (2007) - Gyeoul Yeonga (Winter Sonata) 겨울연가 (2002) - Hotelier (2001) - Did We Really Love? (1999) - Barefooted Youth 맨발의 청춘 (1998) - First Love 첫사랑 (1997) - Papa (1996) - Sunny Place of The Young 젊은이의 양지 (1995) - Love Greeting 사랑의 인사 (1994) * Films - April Snow 외출 (2005) - Untold Scandal 스캔들 (2003) * Bae Yong-Joon is also the author of the travel essay “Journey in Search of Korea’s Beauty" (published in 2009), and an Honorary Ambassador for the “2010-2012 Visit Korea” campaign.

The event was reportedly witnessed by close friends.

presenter will tie the knot on July 27 in a private ceremony at the Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel in Seoul, according to reps for both.

There months later, they announced their plans to marry, but then rumors began circulating that the pair had jumped the gun and that Park Soo Jin was pregnant.

The lovebirds allegedly arranged to hold the wedding at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel.

The 42-year-old actor initially planned to rent out a wedding hall where he would propose to Park.

But with the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea, he was forced to ask the 29-year-old singer's hand in marriage at his house in Seongbook village.

Bae is a major shareholder of the Keyeast Entertainment and was first acquainted with Park when she joined the agency in 2014.

On the July episode of Entertainment Weekly, one reporter shared how Bae popped the question to Park.

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