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We go more into the relationships, how it affects people around".Steele backed this up, saying "We wanted gay to be part of Chris's character, not Chris to be the gay character.

He's on the basketball team, he's had a girlfriend for a time, and I think the show does a good job of portraying the way his character is discovering who he really is"."As actors, it is very challenging and exciting at the some time, and because of this, we have developed a connection.He was the second ongoing homosexual character overall, following Lana Crawford's (Bridget Neval) introduction in 2004.Chris departed on 27 March 2015, but made a cameo appearance on 6 November.Television critics and LGBT websites have given the character and his storyline development a positive reception.In 2012, Mason earned a nomination for Most Popular New Male Talent at the Logie Awards.

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