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For example, we can specify that the director of the movie is an item of type Person and the Person has the properties Back to top Not all web pages are about movies and people—in addition to the Movie and Person types described in section 1, describes a variety of other item types, each of which has its own set of properties that can be used to describe the item.

The broadest item type is Thing, which has four properties: .

In this case, the possible values for can be used to specify a link to a page on another site (in this case Wikipedia) discussing the same item.

Links to 3rd party sites can help search engines to better understand the item you are describing on your web page.

Google provides a rich snippets testing tool, which you can use to test your markup and identify any errors.

Many pages can be described using only the attributes (described in section 1) along with the types and properties defined on (described in section 2). To make dates unambiguous, use the is used to designate the number of minutes.

In these cases, use the with content for information that cannot otherwise be marked up.You’ll note that these examples are more specific (ie: longer) than what you might need to accomplish the styling, but better CSS specificity makes overriding inherited theme styles much easier.tells the browser to display the text string "Avatar" in a heading 1 format.More specific items inherit the properties of their parent.(Actually, a Local Business is a more specific type of Place and a more specific type of Organization, so it inherits properties from both parent types.) Here's a set of commonly used item types: Back to top Much like a web browser is important for testing changes to your web page layout, and a code compiler is important for testing code you write, you should also test your markup to make sure it is implemented correctly.

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