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If there were a reasonable chance of them winning a lawsuit, they would take it.

Again remembering that I am not a lawyer, I think that if for some reason Zyngo decided they wanted to keep the tile frequencies and scoring the same, that could get really dicey.

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While the law in the US recently changed (to be even more restrictive), it's never been the case that you could file a patent any later than one year to the day after your invention became public.

The deadline for protecting Scrabble passed sometime around when Hitler invaded Poland.

Louis Szkely (born September 12, 1967), known professionally as Louis C.

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You know, the reason 95% of your music collection is technically illegal.

It is notable that Lexulous nee Scrabulous changed exactly these things when they got Hasbro to drop the lawsuit, and it's notable that Zyngo has altered all of these from the original Scrabble as well.

Final thoughts, and a word about ethics Have no doubt: I'm sure Hasbro would like to have their official Scrabble app be the only game in town.

Copyright is used to protect an "original work", like a story or a song or a picture whatever.

I'm actually a little shaky on what defines an "original work", but typically if you can write it down or record it, that would count. The board for sure -- and this is why Words with Friends uses a different board layout.

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All three of these can apply to certain aspects of Scrabble, and Zyngo could have -- but clearly did not -- infringe on any of them. Scrabulous Trademarks The easy one first: Trademarks.

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