How to delete local file without updating onedrive

In both cases, enrolling with the Intune MAM service is required to receive policy.Apps which already use ADAL should call the /* * This method will add the account to the list of registered accounts.It also relies on ADAL to register the user identity with the MAM service for management without device enrollment scenarios.Typically, ADAL requires apps to register with Azure Active Directory (AAD) and get a unique ID (Client ID) and other identifiers, to guarantee the security of the tokens granted to the app.This ensures that the app will not double-prompt the user for authentication.See Configure settings for the Intune App SDK for information on populating the following settings: properties take precedence over any corresponding values specified in the Info.plist, and will persist even after the app is restarted.The Intune App SDK currently uses the broker branch of ADAL to support apps that require conditional access.(These apps therefore depend on the Microsoft Authenticator app.) But the SDK is still compatible with the master branch of ADAL. Follow the steps below to link your app to the ADAL binaries: If your app already uses ADAL for authentication and has its own ADAL settings, you can force the Intune App SDK to use the same settings during authentication against Azure Active Directory.

Apps that do not sign in the user using ADAL can still receive app protection policy from the Intune MAM service by calling the API to have the SDK handle that authentication.

IT administrators can deploy app protection policies to your mobile app when Intune actively manages the app.

The Intune App SDK for i OS includes a static library, resource files, API headers, a debug settings .plist file, and a configurator tool.

If the enrollment fails for any reason, the SDK will automatically retry the enrollment 24 hours later.

For debugging purposes, the app can receive notifications, via a delegate, about the results of any enrollment requests.

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