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She likes watching him roll up his sleeves and the wet face look from the "air sembahyang". And he enjoys it too, he would always try his best to make it and never miss their Friday afternoon session. He gets in his car,starts off the engine and head to see Saffiyah.

They would talk about what she did this morning, about his work, what are they going to do tomorrow and what ever that comes. If he is home early,they would then have a cup of coffee together. It's short and sweet, and it ends with him leaving the house wearing slippers, a songkok on his head and a sajadah in his right armpit. no our husband here does go to the mosque and listens to the lecture. Yes Saffiyah, in arabic it means the confidante, the pure one.

Ramai yang bertanyakan wak, apa beza CBU dan CKD nie? Terutama kepada mereka yang ingin membeli jentera seperti kereta, motosikal, lori dan sebagainya.

Ok, korang boleh fahami dan bezakan maksud kedua natang tersebut di bawah nie.

Kebiasaannya, orang lebih suka membeli barang atau jentera jenis CBU, maklumlah barang import.

Walaupun harganya agak mahal, tapi kerana kualitinya yang lebih diyakini kerana di pasang di negara pengeluar itu sendiri, ia menjadi permintaan No. Berbanding barang atau jentera jenis CKD, hanya menjadi pilihan kedua kerana kelemahan terutamanya dari segi kualiti.

His wife,as much as he loves her, is a horrible cook. He tried to help her in improving her cooking, but after 2 years he has gotten to the fact that his wife has not much talent in that area.

Sambil temenung depan rumah sesudah subuh, sambil tu jugak aku tenung kereta aku yang dah lama x masuk kedai mekap. Renung punya renung, pagi tadi aku usap2 tinted tingkap tu, sah!! Brader tu cakap, selagi kita x puas hati hasil kerja dorang, selagi tu kita bleh tuntut hak kita sebagai pengguna.

And he knows damn well that if he were to not show his appreciation, that if he seems maybe a bit hesitant to eat it that it would be an insult, a sin to her devotion and love. A nice sports car or that fancy dress she saw at Pavilion. Some men don't show their love with flowers,or a heart shaped box of chocolates,or a serenade.

He has bills to pay, mortgage to settle and loans to be repaid. Some men show their love in the most unnoticeable, insignificant and quiet manner.

Fish curry with ladyfingers,fried poppadom, Kangkung Belacan,soy sauce,and white basmati rice. It's just that the sweaty mamak's at Saffiyah Curry house makes better curry than his wife, pure curry.

Which is not really a hard thing to do, probably there's kas-kas inside or just a used marinated underwear which makes the curry taste more uumph.

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Like the name itself he longed for the Purity that Saffiyah has.

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