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It was all but impossible to independently verify details of Blackman's case.

Prosecutors did not return repeated phone calls for comment, and efforts to check court files with Iowa's Fifth Judicial District were also unsuccessful because Blackman's record has been expunged. When the girl ran away from home, police came looking for Blackman, who says he admitted to having sex with her twice.

"I know what I did was wrong and I deserved to be punished for it. "I know I'm off the registry but others may not know," he said.But the action did not carry over to Oklahoma, where Blackman continued to be listed on that state's sex offender registry.The stigma followed him to his new home and the harassment continued, the family said.A neighbor who found out he was on the registry videotaped him when he went outside, Blackman said.His picture and address were posted on a vigilante Web site, and a gas station attendant refused to sell him cigarettes, one time taking his license and throwing it across the store.

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