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With greater understanding we can all get along much more harmoniously.

This enhances the quality of life and helps our soul growth.

Ad - Astrology is defined as the study of the influence of celestial bodies on human life.

Some people believe that a chart of the position of these celestial bodies when you were born can tell you a great deal about yourself in the same way that looking at tiny house floor plans will give you a picture of what the finished house would be.

But I was effected, I had opened a Door for a controlling party to enter thru. Ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land, that you understand. I came to understand that 23 is a negative number like 13 (12 1) but is esoteric and hidden - 23 is 22 1.

Because of the dark path I was walking it was a dark controller who had entered. I've just been in this place before Higher on the street And I know it's my time to go Calling you, and the search is a mystery Standing on my feet It's so hard when I try to be me, woah Deja vu I've just been in this time before Higher on the beat And I know it's a place to go Calling you and the search is a mystery Standing on my feet It's so hard when I try to be me, yeah Stop! 12 and 22 are sacred positive numbers, but 13 and 22 are not, just add 1. Look for the 23 in the mass media.i was in the book store and i was looking at witchcraft books with my friends just out of curioity and a man walks up to us while looking down at his book and just says very calmly "go to page 23, it keeps coming to me" so out of shock i turn to the page and it is about the devil. This is the year The Destroyer begins to rightfully judge the daughters and sons of Abraham, for he inherited it.

On the last day, the Daughter will be the bride and will... He's the 2nd man I've dated with the same bday and the first man dedicated his life to Christ years ago. Then I got back In touch with somebody I used to date on December 23rd the day me and my abusive boyfriend had broken up on as well. then I met this random guy who birthday is December 23rd...

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In numerology the importance of numbers varies from person to person so person’s character and compatibility is also different.Review the new settings in the file, if any, and compare them with what you previously had in your old file.Usually, only options #18 - #24 need to be changed.I myself have been noticing these same things constantly since I turned 23.Right before I had a very serious fall from a 2nd story roof which should have killed me or at very least made me a quadriplegic.

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