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In its pursuit of magical perfection, Path to Immortality is similar to Western alchemy.

The famed immortals are described to have slowly desiccated and dissipated their mortal bodily elements so that after a few days in their coffins, they simply disappeared into thin air.

Daoist philosophers often became recluses to escape the kind of social constrains which Confucians tried to uphold.

Daoism as religion regards Laozi the supreme deity, the manifestation of dao in human form who presides over the multitude of gods, spirits, and demons.

Founded in the mid-second century, these sects focused on faith-healing, formed armed temple institutions, and fought against local authorities.

China is a country that includes many ethnic groups.Since his historical existence is under some doubt, the question of when Laozi was written is still debated, with theories ranging from the sixth century BCE to mid-third century BCE.Zhuannzi’s historical existence is usually not questioned.There were quite a wide range of sources Daoism as religion took their inspirations from.Consequently, Daoism as religion has numerous deities that are known under different names.

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Still, because Zhuangzi, like Laozi, went under many editing, determining what he actually thought and wrote can be tricky.

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