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Where you can Show some best mechanic skills & fix & build the vehicle in the work shop.

Here you can choose your Favorite car, wash it, fix it, change the tires, and accessorize it to make it stand out as you drive pass the roaring crowd.

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i entered the store today - smelling very bad and full of flies - asked for the manager - and told to wait - took 10 minutes for her to come speak to me the store looked like a mess - smelling and flies all over the food and even when talking to the manager - flies were between us!!!!

If your baby is keen to vehicles and car then you’re can guide the baby by following the game play and that’s was full of joy for baby using friendly tools.

'This must have been pre-planned and the elderly couple have been duped. All their businesses were doing well and right up until they left they were taking orders and work was coming in.'Bedfordshire police have so far been unable to corroborate the information that the family had gone to Syria.

After you have finished making this must take the car and go into a rotating brush, you will need to apply some wax cars, so the car will have a flawless sheen, and we will enjoy the car and have a clean and dry.

You have polished the car and must apply a coat of paint.

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Bhatia shot for the brand’s campaign few days back.

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