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Just search for any medication online and you’re sure to see page after page of online pharmacies offering that medicine for cut-rate pricing.

Sadly, it’s often the case these “pharmacies” can offer such amazing deals on brand name prescriptions because what they’re selling contains only a small amount of the active ingredient. Welcome to the wide world of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and fake pharmacies.

In recent years, Big Pharma has come under fire for steadily rising prescription medication prices.

Value-based pricing on medications considered indispensable by health workers and the World Health Organization mean the sky’s the limit on prescription drugs that may in reality cost only a small fraction of the price tag to manufacture.

But all of these “bonuses” should look more like red flags: In reality, this pharmacy is not a pharmacy. Counterfeit medicine manufacturers often operate in clandestine and unsterile conditions.

The people making the drugs have absolutely no training in biology, chemistry, or healthcare of any kind.

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