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This is the hot stove principle: Tell a child not to touch the hot stove, and the forbidden act suddenly seems all the more attractive; the biblical motto of the harlot reiterates this conceit: “Stolen water is sweet and bread eaten in secret is pleasant” (Proverbs ).

In a real sense, those who embrace Christian values can find pornography all the more appealing merely because it is demonstrably forbidden by their commitment to God.

Each new picture or video clip promises a new sensation. This desire for novelty is also the reason why we move from less graphic to more graphic pornography over time: the downward spiral is fed by a desire for novelty.

This is why porn-addicted men don’t simply log on, quickly find one appealing image, and gratify themselves. For the Christian who engages in pornography, typically there are added dimensions of guilt and paranoia.

This is more than two times what non-Christian men said (10%).

It also includes the unequally yoked categories of disease and sin.

Given its ambiguities, there is a growing sentiment that we need a different word” (, p.11).

The Bible doesn’t talk of “addiction,” but rather “slavery to sin.” The Bible doesn’t speak of the root of habitual sin as merely a “disease,” but as “idolatry.” Once these categories are understood, many portions of Scripture can and do come to life for the struggling addict.

Biblical language levels the playing field between the so-called addict and the non-addict.

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