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Overseeing the traditional Thai meal is her mother, who moved to Los Angeles from Thailand a year ago with Teigen's father.Until recently the couple had lived with their daughter and her husband, R & B icon John Legend.From bikinis to red-carpet gowns, Chrissy Teigen makes sexy look easy. Bouncing around her open kitchen in her spacious midcentury modern home, Chrissy Teigen stirs Tom Yum Gai chicken soup, drops pork and vegetable egg rolls into a sizzling wok, and checks on the garlic pork ribs roasting in the oven. Spend a night at home with the model who eats what she wants, says what she thinks, and never takes anything too seriously, including herself.

In other words, a way to play out fantasies in a safe environment.Then she offers me a glass of wine as we watch the indulgent meal come together."I always get to eat what I want, because if I don't, I go insane," she says.But we take care of each other in different ways.", premieres in July — is perfectly on-trend in a sleeveless chiffon top, David Lerner leggings, and knee-high Givenchy boots.She shows off some piercings she had done earlier in the day: five delicate diamond studs and rose-gold accents circling her lobe and upper ear.

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