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Kannada towns like “v Egoora M” (b Egooru), “kundamuchcha MDi” find reference. Tamil shaashanas, words of Kannada influence “nalliyooraa”, kavu Di”, “posil” have been introduced. Kannada’s influence on ancient Tamil as depicted by the language of these shaasana’s is of historical importance.

In one more Prakrit shaasana found in Malavalli, 13.

It is necessary for KANNADIGAS to know about the greatness of their language which most are not aware of. Whereas, Tamil Shaashanaas (records) have been found dating from 3rd century B. Many Prakrit languages were in circulation since 6 B. in the Northern parts of India: The Jains, and Buddhist monks learnt these languages and wrote and taught in these Prakrit/ Pali languages. dopted, used and taught in Tamil since there was patronage for that language in the Tamil regions. E-KAVI is developing KANNADA JOB PORTAL for Kannadigas in Karnataka.

The preface of Ilampuranar's twelfth century commentary of the Tolkappiyam, describes it as aindiram nirainda ('comprising aindra'). These Tamil shaasanas have extended the horizons of understanding of ancient Karnataka’s language, and socio-religious culture. In the ancient Greek comedy “Aksirinkas Pappyri” there has been an attempt to understand Kannada words 6. There is an abundance of Kannada in many Prakrit shaashanas: a. “moo Daa Na” a word used in different languages to represent the Eastern direction is of Kannada origin 8. It has also shown the similar antiqueness of Kannada and the influence it had on Tamil to make it what it is now.It has been dated variously between 8000 BCE and 10th CE. Herman Tieken, a Dutch author, who endeavours to trace the influence of the Sanskrit Kavya tradition on the entire Sangam corpus, argues that the Tolkappiyam dates from the 9th century CE in his book, "Kāvya in South India : old Tamil Caṅkam poetry".While most of the antediluvian datings which stem mostly from a descriptive commentary in an 12th century work called Iraiyanar Agapporu L, about the existence of three Tamil Academies, which have been rejected as being devoid of any evidence, the genuine disagreements now center around widely divergent dates lying between the 3rd BC and 10th AD. He arrives at this result by reassigning new dates to the traditionally accepted dates for a vast section of divergent literature.

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The summary of this discussion is enunciated in the following points: 1. id=KP420040110104415 E Kavi Bangalore Inaugurated by Dr.

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