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We would looove to look you straight in the eyes, from a 5’5″ to another 5’5″, be part of the gang and all, but that would implies that we bend our knees and our backs just to be sure we don’t upset the misses, who believe we are only trying to steal the show, nor the misters, who simply believe that we are showing off. : D Listen to me, and next time, when you enter a room dreading people’s gaze, whether in the subway, in a restaurant or in the dentist waiting room… Then look at the people who are looking at you straight in the eyes.

Actually none of what you say gets my attention, that’s why I put my Tall Girl Costume everyday, so I can look over your head straight to the horizon and ignore you intentionally. Well I have a scoop people : if we look down on you, it’s only because technically, we are above you. To the gentlemen : we are not that different from other girls, except that some of us even have a bigger lack of confidence. To you, the Giants, the Amazons, who like me can’t buy clothes on sale on the web because you fear to get too short sleeves or too short pants, who spend all your money in only one pair of jeans that will fit your stilts, who don’t dare to wear heels and who think wearing flat shoes you’ll get less noticed, who wear your hair long hoping it will bring you closer to the ground, or your hair short because you think long hair stretches you out, who sometimes feel manlier than your man and who hate dancing in a club because being on the dance floor is like being a tree in a mushrooms field, to you all : LOVE YOURSELVES! You won’t vanish because you slouch your shoulders you know. The only thing people will see is that the tall girl, over there, who’s trying to hide, she feels bad about herself. You’ve probably seen a tall girl wearing high heels before, walking proudly, maybe nonchalantly, not caring about what people have to say, and I’m sure you envied her, that tall, beautiful, elegant and above all FREE girl. Your feet on the ground and your heads high in the sky!

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Why would have I found myself pushed in the back otherwise? So although I was the very first to be picked in gym class when it was a matter of playing basketball, I was simply left on the bench at school parties because no prepubescent worthy of its name would ever want to be seen dancing with a girl who could put her chin on top of his head. A feminine and endearing little thing anyone would want to protect and who could break like glass if you weren’t gentle enough…

Or please stop looking at us as if we were some kind of ridiculous alien species.

Because my brother is 5’10 and he seems shorter than you… Please stop considering us like threats or tigresses.

Those who seem to get vertigo when/if they wear heels! At 5, in kindergarten, the teacher put me in the back for the class photo.

Because most of us have ALWAYS been tall, and believe it or not but it means A LOT. As far as I can remember, my extra inches have always been a way for others to single me out.

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