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The use of the concept implies the necessity of such projects’ regardless of citizens’ opposition to their implementation in their own territory, or “backyard”.

The decades-long struggle of the Susa Valley people is very complex and cannot be reduced to a NIMBY (Not in My Backyard, see text box below).

The NIMBY Syndrome (Not In My Back Yard) is a label often applied to discredit valid local opposition to projects that could have negative externalities on the environment in a territory.

Such projects could be for example incinerators, quarries, and industrial, mobility, or energy infrastructures.

Figure 4: The two main tunnels of the project: in red the base tunnel and the Bussoleno tunnel ( The TAV project proposals have evolved and expanded for almost two decades.

Over the years, emphasis has shifted away from passenger comfort and convenience toward increased transport of goods across Italy and Europe, which is now the main driver of the construction of the TAV Turin-Lyon.

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The Susa Valley, situated between Maurienne, France and Turin, Italy, has been urbanised by the economic development of the region.

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