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This harassment or differential treatment goes beyond being yelled at for being late.

Instead, things like being overlooked for a promotion, being given baseless write-ups or improvement plans, and wrongful termination, because the employer or manager disagrees with your sexual orientation are more along the lines of differential treatment.

sexuality] such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc., and all down the catalog of Ellis and Krafft-Ebing) is actually quite ill physically..is very far from culpable for his condition, but he is also far from normal and extremely dangerous to society...

Hubbard further defined perversion in his 1951 book Science of Survival: Prediction of Human Behavior, where he introduced the concept of the "tone scale", a means of classifying individuals and human behavior on a chart running from 40 (the most beneficial) to -40 (the least beneficial).

The following is a list of some employment law and labor law theories: Get a Free Initial Claim Assessment When discrimination occurs it can make you feel that you haven't got any power.

The assistance of a legal professional can help you regain your confidence and help you assert your rights.

Often times, these policies include disciplinary steps imposed on managers who engage in sexual orientation discrimination.

These steps can include reversing any discriminatory action taken against the employee, and even terminating the manager.

If human resources does not remedy the issue, you may want to consult an employment or discrimination lawyer.Gender Identity Discrimination In addition to protecting workers from sexual orientation discrimination, some state and local governments also prohibit gender identity workplace discrimination.These states, in addition to the District of Columbia, include Other Applicable Laws If after exploring your state's laws, local laws, and company policies, you still find yourself without avail, the employer's treatment may violate other employment rights, for which you could sue your employer or your coworkers.Many workplaces, and even a number of states, have policies and laws against sexual orientation discrimination.Be sure to check your states laws and your workplace policies.

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The bill would prohibit employers from making decisions about hiring, firing, promoting or compensating an employee based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

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