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The dynamics of the situation suggests that Southern Hemisphere grown food is more likely to be less contaminated.

No significant detections have been made in any locally grown food, that has been tested so far here, at our testing lab in Australia.

Japanese authorities will have to provide a declaration confirming products do not contain radioactive elements - called radionuclides - that exceed EU maximum levels.

The most recent reports will also be added to the comments section, as well as the country lists. (Click the web browser refresh button to see the latest reports.

It can even significantly reduce damage even after exposure.

If you are living in Southern Hemisphere, it is suggested at present, to eat locally grown food. It is just hard to tell what is and what isn’t, without government or private testing.

v=F2eqfi Tx Dwg&feature=related Flaxseed A study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that flaxseed may help protect lungs against the damage caused by radiation exposure.

The researchers believe that flaxseed might also have a role in protecting other healthy tissues and organs, before exposure to radiation.

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