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The list of people who contributed to this wedding and made it happen is too long to list but needless to say this wouldn't have happened without our dedicated and amazing friends. Andy just liked it and many people spell it Sixx because of Nikki, but Andy has said it was actually because his number when he played sports always ended up as Six. I respect the private relationship we had those eight months.I personally choose to go through life building people up, not tearing them down. I only wish her nothing but the best.” These days, Andi is single and living in New York City, and has not been linked to any new men.Thank you to every one of you guys who have supported @thejulietsimms and I in our love and have been so kind to both of us.I am incredibly excited to start this new chapter in my life with my soul mate.

"Many of you know that I recently decided to live entirely sober.

But alcohol is potentially life-ruining, and can even be deadly if you drink too much, drink on an empty stomach or at high altitudes like I did. That's why I rarely drink – I cannot handle it, and when I do, I turn into someone I am not.

This may not be true for everyone, but it is for me and for many of my peers in the music industry who have bravely and completely quit after years of struggle.

In the past, I struggled with the concept of alcohol and my own personal demons, and so a year ago I decided it was time to move on from it and start down the path to sobriety.

I believe alcohol is one of the most poisonous and volatile substances we as a society have at our disposal and that it can truly hurt and affect people in the most negative way." He continues: "My wife no longer drinks, but due in large part to a myriad of recent upsets, including some tragic family news, she became intoxicated during the flight and was left confused, blacked out and disoriented.

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"I mention this now as a caution to the young, talented people out there who think they are immune to the effects of drugs and alcohol.

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