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Sudden and unexpected limitations in your life may force Leo to spend time alone this year, which they definitely will not enjoy.

However, new relationships for Leo do have the potential of becoming stable and deeply committed as time passes, convincing Leo they have found the love of their life at last.

Single Leo may find themselves in romantic hot water this year if they arent entirely honest with a new partner, especially during the Mercury Retrogrades.

Trust and honesty will be important issues this year when it comes to compatibility in new relationships.

When a gambler leaves his daughter as a marker for a bet, he gets stuck with her.

Harvey, celebrating his 60th birthday, is stressed and depressed.

Leo should not enter another relationship too quickly during 2017 or such an action will only create more problems.

Old Man Saturn in the 5th house may cause some delay or difficulty in getting pregnant or adopting a child during 2017.

Lions that decide on having a baby should take the greatest care during a pregnancy to ensure a healthy child and mother. Jupiter in Libra in the Leo solar 2nd house will bring more money into the Lions bank account and increase earning ability.

This will cause the Cancer and the mate to have no choice, but to deal with anything that shouldn't be in the relationship.

Also, the Cancer will be more idealistic when it comes to love.

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