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More specifically, LUNAR wanted to find out how design thinking can change the way we meet and interact with people in the physical world."It was really about looking into whether or not apps can actually materialize into something physical and whether or not it actually adds a better dimension to the overall experience,” Mendoza says.“Now you can carefully craft a response or text message and send at the perfect time,” she says.“What was a youthful innocence has become a kind of calculating exercise.” Noury thinks Wizz could help inject a sense of surprise and thoughtfulness into the courtship process–and help people who are timid compete in world that skews toward instant gratification.“It provides a way to visually communicate to the guy or girl across the coffee shop, ' Hey - I think you’re cute! ' as well as sets up the initial talking points to facilitate an easy conversation,” says Stopper.

WW: In my opinion as CEO, I cannot design to save my life.

“We basically asked them, how do you make the dating experience easier?

” says JJ Mendoza, an industrial designer at LUNAR.

About six months later I said, ‘Hey, do you guys need a second designer?

’ And that’s how I joined Tinder and where we met Whitney.

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  1. I wanted to clock him at the time—and might have if he didn’t own the restaurant—but it got me pondering: is there something to be said for femininity and attracting a mate?